There’s nothing innocent about the sinful taste of dark chocolate. 
But there’s plenty that is innocent about the health benefits of its ingredients. Each rich bite of Innocent Chocolate™ satisfies that decadent craving and helps remove thousands of calories from your diet weekly. THIS IS HOW: Made with ingredients derived from nature, Innocent Chocolate™ is more than a certified Organic cacao and sugar-free chocolate. Its powerful combination of sucrase- and amylase inhibitors (sugar- and starch blockers), and fat binding complexes (tiny natural sponges that absorb fat), do something that no other chocolate in the world can do. Each serving (40 grams) blocks up to 50 grams of sugar from being absorbed into the blood stream, as well as turning some of that sugar into a prebiotic, aiding in digestion. Innocent will help lower your blood glucose levels and help your body burn its own fat instead of the sugar you eat. In other words, not only can you feel good about eating Innocent Chocolate®, you can actually lose weight as well.